Deeds of The Three Cups Hotel


ABSTRACT of TITLE of The Rev. Arthur Everard Mills

to frhld premises in Harwich Essex near the Three Cups Hotel (Hanslip Ward& Co., Solicitors, Harwich)

1896. July, 2nd. Stamp £16.10.0d.

BY INDRE so dated and mde btn John Osborne of Harwich in the Coy of Essex Licenced Victualler of the one pt and Bullard & Sons., of Norwich (thrinar refrd to as "the Coy") of the othr pt

AFTER RECTG eisin of the sd J. Osborne and grmnt for Sale at £3300. IT WAS WITNED that in conson of £3300 1/2 pd by the Coy to the sd J.Osborne (the rec etc) he the sd J. Osborne as benal ownr did thrby convey unto the Coy 

ALL THAT capital frld messge tenemnt ar inn commonly cd or known by the name or sign of "The Three Cups" sitte tying and being in Harwich in the Coy of Essex in a certn street there cd Church Street adjoining and abutting upon the Church or Chapel Yard of the Church or Chapel belogg to the sd Town

AND ALSO ALL THAT gdn next adjoining to the sd messge tenement or inn and the stables coachhouses outhses and bldgs to the sd prems belogg as the sd prems were formerly in the occon of John Osborne nd were then occupied by Charles Chambers and were more partcly deld on the map or plan drawn on the back of abstg prests nd cold pink TO HOLD the same UNTO and to he use of the Coy and thr assns in fee simple

EXECUTED by the sd J. Osborne and atted.

MEMORANDM (subscbd to last abstd indre) by indre dated 30th. April 1925 and mde btn the thrn within named Bullard & Sons ltd (therin cd "the Coy") of the fst pt Geoffrey Fixwell Buxton and John Henry Fraser Walter of the 2nd pt and the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Harwich (thrin cd "the Corpn") of 3rd. pt the pce of land within the stables oachhse and bldgs erected thron (pt of the thrn within descbd heres) and being that pt hewn on the plan drawn on the back throf marked "coachhse, stables, urinal" and bounded by Kings Quay Street, Cow Lane and  Kings Head Street was conved ubto9 and to the use of the d Corpn in fee simple and an acknmnt of the rt of the sd Corpn to prodon of the thrin within wrn indre was given to the sd Corpn.


1898. Dec. 20th. BY INDRE so dated and mde btn Bullard & Sons Ltd. (thrinar cd "the Coy") of the one pt and Geoffrey Fowell Buxton of Norwich afsd Banker and John Henry Fraser Walter of Drayton Norwich afsd Esq. of the othr pt

AFTER RECTG (inter alia) that the Coy had created £140,000 Debre Stock (intended to be cd "B. Mtge Debre Stk") to be secured ith intt in manner thrinar provided

AND RECTG that the sd G.F. Buxton and J.H.F. Walter had consented to be the first trees throf.

IT WAS WITNED (Clausel.) that in abstg prets the expron "the ttres orttre" shld mean the sd G.F. Buxton and J.H.F. Walter and the survor of them or othr the trees or tree for the time being of abstg prests.

AND that the xpron "the Scheduled heres" shld mean the heredits descbd or refrd to in the fst shcdle throf

IT WAS WITNED (Clause.3) that the Coy as Benal Ownrs thrby granted unto the sd G.F. Buxton and J.H.F. Walter

THE frhld heredits descbd or refrd to ijn the fst pt of the fst schdle thrto

TO HOLD the same unto and to the use of the sd G.F. Buxton and J.H.F. Walter in fee simple

UPON THE TRUSTS and with and subjt to the powers and provons thrinar declared concerng the same

DECLON (Clause 7.) that the trees or tree shld permit the Coy to occupy the schedd heres and to recve the rents and profits throf and to carry on thrn and thrwith the business of the Coy until the secy constituted by absttg prests shld become enforceable in accordance with the provons thrinar contd and then

UPON TRUST to enter upon and take posson of the schedd heredits and to sell and convert into moy the same or such pt or pts thof as they or he might think necy for the ppe of abstg prests

DECLON (clause 16) that befe the trees or tree shld have mde such entry as afd the trees or tree at the request of the Coy might but only if and as far as in thr opinion the intts of the stockholders shld not be predjudiced thrby concur in the sale of any of the schedd heredits and subjt as thrinar pvded shld cve the pcds of any such sale and dealthrwith as in abstg prests mentd


Part 1.

Included the heredits and prems befe abstd under the descron of "Three Cups", Harwich. (Duly executed and attested)


11th. Nov. 1925 BY INDRE of this date mde btn sd Bullard & Sons Ltd. (Coy) of fst pt (said G.F. Buxton) and J.H.F. Walter (Trees) of secd pt and the Rev. Arthur Everard Mills of the Vicarage Harwich Essex Clerk in Holy Orders (Pchr) of 3rd. pt

AFTER RECTG befe abstd Indre dated 2nd. July 1896

AND RECTG befe Abstd Indre dated 20th. Dec 1898. thrinar cd "the trust deed"

AND RECTG thatthe security constituted by the trust deed had not become enforceable and that the Trees had not made any such entry as mentd in the trust deed upon any of the heredits which were granted to them by the Trust Deed

AND RECTG that Coy had agreed with Pchr for sale of sd heredits for £90. 

AND RECTG that Ttees being of opinion as they thrby declared that the intts of the Stockholders would not be predjudiced by sd sale had at request of Coy agreed to join in Abstg Deed in manner thrinar appearing

IT WAS WITNED that in psce f sd Agrmnt and in conson of £90. pd by Pchr at request of Coy to Trees to be dealt with by them as in trust deed mentd (rect acknd by Trees and pymnt ackned by Coy) Trees as Trees and as Mtgees and in exercise of powers given to them by the trust deed and all othr powers if any them enabling and at request of Coy thrby granted and released and Coy as Benal Ownrs thrby granted and confirmed unto Pchr

ALL THAT pce or pcl of land in Psh of St. Nicholas Harwich Essex togr with the Coach house wine store and bldgs erected thron being near or adjacent to the messge tenement or inn commonly cd or known by the name or sign of Three Three Cups Hotel sitte and being in Harwich afsd which prems thrby assured are by way of identification and not of limitation deldd on plan drawn on Abstg Deed and thron cold pink

TO HOLD unto and to use of Pchr in fee simple discharged from all ppal moy and intt secured by and from all claims and demands under trust deed and from all limitations powers and provons to arise thrunder

ACKNMNT by Trees of rt pf Pchr to prodon and dely of copies of sd Indre dated 2nd July 1896. and trust deed

CERTIFICATE for Stamp Duty

DULY executed by Coy and Trees and atted.