Nelson Celebrations

The Three Cups


"The Three Cups stands in Church Street, Harwich and is a hugely significant building within the hiistory of the town. Build early in the 16th century, it has been the site of many historical events and has had many well known guests including Admiral Lord Nelson. Because of its historical worth, the Harwich Society erected one of its first plaques on the building in 1973. 

The current owners have been researching the history and have created a very informative web site

However more information is needed please as little can be found in 'recent' history (post WW2). Personal memories, anedotes and even photographs would be greatly appreciated. These can be emailed to or sent to TimeLine, The Court House, 363 Main Rd, Dovercourt, Harwich CO12 4DN"

(Highlight Magazine, Newsletter of the Harwich Society, Number 190, January 2018, p.6)

Trafalgar Centenary Menu Cards


"Dear Editor, could I point out the following piece which appeared in the Pall Mall Gazette, on Thursday 12 October 1905:

'The old Three Cups, Harwich, is a hotel in which Nelson often stayed; therefore it is appropriate that the Trafalgar centenary should be specially commemorated there. The celebration will not be the least notable of those which next week is to bring in the provinces. As far as possible the banquet will be a replica of that given to the immortal Admiral by the City of London when he was presented with the freedom, and special menu cards for the occasion are being made of wood from the rectory of Burnham Thorpe, Nelson's birthplace.'​

​I wonder if any of those wooden menu cards have survived, may be a Harwich Society member still has one? If you have, could you contact me please.

Brett Hammond - 01277 815121"

(Highlight Magazine, Newsletter of the Harwich Society, Number 191, Spring 2018, p.18)