Walter Standly v Mathew Bodsly

Lease of the Three Cupps in Harwich (1655)

Walter Standly v Mathew Bodsly at the Three Cupps, Harwich

Mathew Bodsly to the aid of this court was summoned to answer to Walter Standly of a plea that he should  render unto him eleven pounds five shillings that he oweth unto him and  unjustly deteineth and there are pledges John Doe and Richard Roe and whereupon the said Walter by Humfry Harrison his attorney sayeth that where he the said Walter being lawfully possessed of a wine license to draw and sell wine by himself for ------- in Harwich aforesaid ----- the life of the said Walter and being so possessed of the wine license ---- day of January by the year of our lord 1652 at Harwich aforesaid and within the jurisdiction of this court did demise and assign on unto the said Mathew the aforesaid wine license of him the said Walter thereby giving power and authority to the said Mathew to draw and sell wine within the now dwelling house of the said Mathew commonly called or known by the name of  the three cupps situated and being in Harwich aforesaid to have and to hold the said wine license so assigned on by him the said Walter to the said Mathew as aforesaid unto on the said --- of the feast day of our lord  and commonly called Christmas day then last past until the full end and term of three years from thence next ensuing fully to be complete and ended yielding and paying therefore yearly and every year during the said term unto the said Walter Standly the yearly rent or some of nine pounds on the feast of the annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary the nativity of St John the Baptist commonly called Midsummer Day the Michael the Archangel and the nativity of our Lord God commonly called Christmas Day by even and equal portions by virtue of which demise and assignment the said Mathew the said wine license did still do hold and enjoy and for rent eleven pounds five shillings part of the ---- for one year and one quarter ended at ----the feast day of ------ St Mary the Virgin in the year of our lord  1655 ---- was behind and not paid where by an account does accrue---- to the said Walter ----  and have of the said Mathew the said eleven pounds and five shillings notwithstanding  the said Mathew showeth he hath been often requested  the eleven pounds and five shillings to the said Walter hath not paid but the sum ---- hath wholly --- and still do to the damage of the said Walter twenty pounds and five shillings thereof he being quit.

15th May 1655 allowed this declaration  by ----------