Richard Goodwyn at The Three Cups

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Vol 4, 1592-1594:

1592, Dec. 11. Sent his servant divers times for Mr. Cheny, the goldsmith, concerning the ambergrease, but could not have him to come before this day; and then as he could not deny that one had brought certain things, to him unknown, to his shop to be weighed (which indeed was the ambergrease), so he would not confess it nor tell where it was become; although he told him in, express terms that witnesses would be produced to prove he had 4 lbs. of that stuff in his custody. Thinks it good Cecil should, send a warrant for him and have the matter justified unto him, if he seem to deny it before him. Would understand his pleasure touching Thomas d'Arques who abideth still close prisoner and has not a gros to relieve himself. Understands by an intercepted letter out of France that his mother lives there in much want. If Cecil would examine him at his coming to London, it would be a good course to draw all matters from him. Sends the enclosed letter from d'Arques that it may be known what he offereth and what service he promiseth to perform. Has intelligence that one Richard Goodwyn, dwelling at the Three Cups in Harwich, bought out of the Dainty of Sir John Hawkins so many calicoes, silks and spices as came to 500l., all which were taken out of the carrick. If he send a warrant for him, lie can produce the witnesses that will affirm it. Hears of another at Limehouse that hath had and has good store of calicoes, &c, whom he will examine and advertise him further.