Schedule of Deeds relating to The Three Cups Hotel


24th & 25th July 1811 - R Godline(?) Esq. & Mary Hawkins his wife and another to Mr W Bull : Lease & Release

25th July 806 - Appointment of New trustees and Conveyance of Real Estate of  testator Mr Bull

14th November 1841 - Copy Will and Codicils(?) of James Bull

21st July 1869 - Mr Joseph L Bull to Messers John & James Ball. Conveyance

22nd July 1869 - Messers J & J Bull to Mr E(?) J(?) Goody(?) Mortgage

22nd April 1874 - Mrs  Frances Bull & another to Mr Joseph L Bull. Conveyance

20th April 1874 - Messers John Bull & J L Bull to Mr E J Goody. Further Charge

29th May 1874 - John Bull to William(?) Guy(?) Fenar(?). Mortgage with Re conveyance dated 12th September 1877 endorsed

7th March 1881 - John Bull to Thomas(?) C Cobbald & Nash(?) J Cobbold. Deed to secure Balance of running account

27th November 1886 - ... to Felix J Cobbald & Mrs Caroline A(?) Cobbald. Transfer of Mortgage

1st December 1892 - Felix J Cobbold & Mr C A Cobbold to John Osborne. Conveyance

(Original document extant)